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I'm getting older and wanting to get stronger and healthier, but I don't know much about working with weights and strength exercises. Mostly, I've been a long distance runner. So, I was looking for a place that has strength programs that offers interval training with close supervision by trained professionals. I'm two months into their programs and am totally happy with their friendly care, and my progress. Chris and his trainers really care about their clients, and it shows. I'm proud and grateful to be one.
George Lynn
My fiancé and I joined Franklin Strength in January after months of looking for a gym that would motivate us and have small group workouts. We were so excited to find Franklin Strength and it's been everything we hoped for and more!! Chris is an amazing trainer and always motivates us to push harder. We have loved getting to know all the members and it always feels like we are going to workout with our friends! Definitely recommend!! A great place if you are new to the area and looking for a great workout and new friends!
In 2020, I decided to undergo bariatric surgery to deal with my unhappiness about being unable to be active, especially with my son. My weight was a secondary consideration: I wanted to be active and strong. I knew that getting into exercise was a critical component of how I wanted to respond to this surgery. I started running, but also wanted to do traditional weight lifting and strength training. However, I'd never done any of that before, and my previous trips to a gym could be counted on one hand. I hired Chris as a personal trainer, and attended some of the group classes. The group classes are great, but I wasn't ready for them when I started my fitness journey. Chris has been an excellent teacher, and I can't tell you how much I look forward to working out, when it seemed like a miserable chore just a few years ago. I've learned so much in working with Chris, and he is as much a positive coach, pushing you to grow your strength as he is a knowledgeable fitness guide. He knows my goals, and has tailored my workouts to meet them: preparing for races and growing in traditional weight lifting. Franklin Strength is exactly what I was looking for in a gym, and I suggest you'll find the same level of excellence here too.

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